So you’re looking for something to do today? Well, I can recommend one of the fascinating topics of our time – cleaning rubber boots.

Before anything else, let’s get it out of the way: rubber boots are pretty easy to clean. But this guide is not about how to wash them in the bathtub so that they stay soft and new-looking for eons. We’re mainly interested in protecting them while also giving them a good scrub down regularly. This means that we’ll teach you how best to remove stains, polish up the rubber soles, and keep your footwear always looking new-ish without all the hassle involved with regular washing.

Cleaning the Outside

First of all, check if your rubber boots are dirty. If there is light dirt stuck on the outside of your rubber boots (e.g., mud, sand), you can wipe it away with a damp cloth or paper towel. You can also use a damp sponge to wipe away the dirt.

If you have a washing machine, you can just put your rubber boots into the washing machine and wash them at a low temperature (refer to the instruction manual). If your rubber boots are pretty dirty (e.g., mud), then you can rinse them with water before putting them into the washing machine. You can also use a hose with a nozzle to clean your rubber boots (e.g., garden hose).

After washing the boots with water, you can use a dishwashing liquid or dish soap to clean them. Apply the dish soap onto your rubber boots and scrub them with a stiff brush (e.g., toothbrush). If possible, you can also use other cleaning products to clean them (e.g., cleaning solutions).

After scrubbing your rubber boots, rinse the dishwashing liquid away by spraying water onto the boots with a nozzle or hose. If possible, direct the spray towards the bottom of your rubber boots to ensure that no soap residue is left behind, which may cause an unwanted smell when dry.

After washing the boots with dishwashing liquid or soap, you need to dry them properly. Because the rubber boots are made of natural material, they tend to lose their shape when dry. Therefore, you need to gently press them under a blanket or towel to absorb any remaining water. You can also use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or electric blower (e.g., Dyson 360 Eye) to dry the rubber boots by blowing air through them to dry out the rubber boots completely.

After washing your rubber boots, you need to store them so that they are scorched. You can hang them on the hook of your shoe rack or fold them with some crease between both sides to let the air circulate. However, please do not put too much pressure on the rubber boots because you may damage their shape. Keep your rubber boots away from high temperatures (e.g., sunlight) and humidity (e.g., rain) when not in use.

Cleaning the Inside

To clean the inner part of your rubber boots, you need to mix some cleaning solution with hot water before the cleaning process. We recommend that you use a mixture of two cups of water and three drops of vinegar for this purpose. Vinegar is very effective in removing dirt from the inside of shoes because it is acidic and can remove stains quickly, but do not use other types of cleaning products (e.g., dishwashing liquid) because they are too strong and will damage the rubber boots.

After mixing the cleaning solution with hot water, make sure to use a sponge or cloth to wipe off any dirt or dust on your rubber boots. You can also dampen your sponge to make it wet before wiping the inner part of your rubber boots.

Suppose you do not have a separate cleaning spray bottle. In that case, you can rinse your rubber boots by spraying them with plain water or vinegar before putting them in your shoe rack to remove any remaining dirt that you cannot see clearly with your eyes after the cleaning process.

If you have a separate cleaning spray bottle, you can just put your rubber boots in the spray bottle and shake them vigorously to remove any remaining dirt.

After shaking off your rubber boots, use a hairdryer or an electric blower to dry out the wet parts of your boots entirely so that you can wear them comfortably when storing them away. You need to ensure that the inner part of your rubber boot is arid before storing it away because moisture will cause mold or mildew, which will make the rubber smell terrible. If moisture remains on your shoes after washing, store them in an airy place.

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Rubber boots are not that difficult to clean. For most people, cleaning the rubber shoes is simply applying dishwashing liquid or dish soap onto the shoes and scrubbing them with a brush. The trick is to make sure that the rubber boots are completely dry inside and out before storing them away. If you cannot clean your rubber boots regularly, then store them in a dry place when they are not in use.